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Raicho. 1. Noun. A thunderbird from Japanese mythology. 2. Noun. Moniker chosen by Yu Jing’s Nipponese troops for the Morat Armored Brigade, likely a phonetic corruption of the original Morat codename (Raizot).


Excerpt from the Universal Conciliar Dictionary. Abridged Edition. Manaheim University Press. Concilium Prima. Concilium.


Raichos are the basic instrument of the Morat Armored Brigades: a gargantuan combat machine operated by a bloodthirsty alien. For evidence of their operator’s piloting skills, one need look no further than the Demarok pelts—a mighty predator—strapped to the back of their TAG as hunting trophies. Raichos make for powerful, steel-clad war mounts with traits more akin to a bull than a horse: strong and unyielding, but unresponsive once they gain momentum. Their design does not respond to a need for subtlety, but nothing beats them when you need to barge in, guns blazing, through enemy territory.


Despite the substantial mass of their armor plates, nearly half the weight of an operational Raicho comes from their munition reserves. This is a result of the personal preferences of Raicho pilots, notoriously partial to displays of indiscriminate firepower. The Morat Armored Brigades were conceived specifically for offensive missions, and owe a good deal of their success to their ability to fly into fits of extreme rage during the most intense stages of attack operations. These TAGs, masterfully adapted to their operational profile, radiate distilled rancor. Effective, lethal and capable of dealing fast, sustained, devastating blows, Raichos are the weapon of choice for the Morat Supremacy.


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