Métros, Troupes Métropolitaines (HMG)



Blister with 1 miniature: Métro (HMG)


“Tant qu’il en restera un” (Until there is only one left) Regimental motto of the Troupes Métropolitaines.


The Merovingian militias are called Troupes Métropolitaines de la Défense Nationale, whose soldiers, commonly known as Métros, are the main guardians of the Merovingian communications and trade infrastructure. The Metropolitan Troops constitute the backbone of the Merovingian military force. They were created during the Separatist Wars as a unit dedicated to territorial defense. Their name is based on their conception as a protection and intervention force inside the Merovingian nation and along its borders, but not as an expeditionary force. The Métros’ trial by fire was the Separatist Wars, in which Merovingia, harassed and surrounded by its enemies, saw all its borders as a continuous battle front. However, the Antipode Offensives became their defining forge, forcing them to learn and adopt tactics more flexible than those usual for large scale operations. The Métros learned how to engage in harassment tactics to distract the enemy, buying enough time to evacuate citizens from threatened areas. The defense of their homes and people is a responsibility the Metros take on with pride and one they will fight until their last breath to uphold.



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